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Look Radiant from Head to Toe

Feel smooth all over with the help of Lorna's Naturals in Woodstock, New York. We offer several body scrub and massage oil variants as well as other bath essentials at affordable prices.

Body Care Products

Bath Salts

Relieve sore muscles by taking a relaxing dip in a tub filled with our bath salts. This product contains lavender and tangerine that have muscle-relaxing and blood-stimulating properties. It's made from Dead Sea salts, fir, and thuja essential oils.

Energizing Massage Oil

Feel more relaxed when you smell the scent of tangerine in our energizing wake-up massage oil. This product is also made with:

Olive | Almond | Sesame | Canola | Wheat Germ Oil | Rosemary | Peppermint

The Classic - Hand & Body Cream

Lorna's Naturals bestselling product, our Classic Hand & Body Cream is made from a combination of five essential oils (geranium, tangerine, lavender, patchouli, and rosewood) that creates a refreshing natural scent. It is also made with the following ingredients:

Coconut & Vegetable Oils | Beeswax | Well Water

Lavender & Sandalwood - Hand & Body Cream

With a combination of lavender and sandalwood essential oils, this leaves a wonderful soft floral smell. It also contains the following:

Coconut & Vegetable Oils | Beeswax | Well Water

Gardenia: The Doctor's Hand & Body Cream

This product was initially created for our owner's doctor who eventually asked us to create a cream out of her favorite scent, Gardenia. An effective skin moisturizing and softening product, this cream is made from:

Coconut & Vegetable Oils | Beeswax | Well Water | Gardenia Essential Oil

Puff of Freshness

Our newest creation, the Puff of Freshness is a cream that has a smell that will remind you of walking through a pine forest. It contains ingredients that help relax the body, such as:

Coconut & Vegetable Oils | Beeswax | Well Water | Fir | Lavender | Lime & Lemon Essential Oils

Lemongrass & Sandalwood Hand & Body Cream

Discover the scent of heaven with our Lemongrass & Sandalwood Hand & Body Cream. Created for a bed and breakfast in Bovina, this product leaves a fresh smell that stays with you all day long. It is made of:

Coconut & Vegetable Oils | Beeswax | Well Water | Lemongrass & Sandalwood Essential Oils

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Remove dead skin cells when you apply our Brown Sugar Body Scrub. It will also leave your body soft and smelling great. This product contains:

Organic Brown Sugar | Vegetable Oil | Vitamin E | Lavender & Rose Essential Oils

Philippe's Body Balm with Shea Butter

Rich in protein as well as vitamins A, B, D, and E, this body balm helps heal dry and damaged skin. It also protects your skin against ultraviolet rays.

Oil D'amour Body Oil

Considered a love oil, this product leaves a strong, lasting floral scent. It is rich in almond oil and other of essential oils, including:

Ylang Ylang | Sandalwood | Woody Smell | Sweet Basil | Floral & Spicy Anise | Licorice-Like Aroma | Tangerine